Innovation partners programs at Compass Senior Living

Our Innovation Partners & Programs

We at Compass Senior Living value:

  • Simple streamlined processes.
  • Bright ideas from anyone willing to share them.
  • And, relationships and collaboration with investors, vendors, team members, residents, and families.

We look for both fun and humor in our daily work–allowing ourselves to be adaptable to the changes in senior housing. We function best when we can be ourselves, encouraging people to think creatively and with innovation. We are collaborating with like-minded companies to make the world of elder care a better place.

Many of the ideas and collaboration to create extraordinary programming has come from the care teams in our communities. Explore some of the programs developed in partnership with our care team members.

Compass Senior Living


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Our Innovation Partners

The Eden Alternative ® Elder-Directed Culture

The eden alternativeWe embrace an elder-directed, person-centered world for the elders and care teams living and working in our communities. We have an Eden Alternative® Educator on our team, who is championing this culture for all of our communities. Learn more about the Eden Alternative.

Shifthound® Online Scheduling System

Shift HoundCompass Senior Living communities are leaving the pencil and paper behind for ShiftHound’s online staff scheduling solution! We are saving time, increasing productivity, and employee satisfaction with ShiftHound. The collaborative scheduling gives our care team more autonomy of their schedule-- communication is increased. As scheduling changes, announcements are sent to our leaders and our care team members in real time by e-mail and cell phone text messages. We know how important family life is for our employees and now they can work together to help one another achieve better work-life balance. Learn more about ShiftHound.

Extended Care™ Pro Electronic Records

Extended care professional services Our communities are implementing this tool which provides online service planning, automated point of care alerts and task assignments for care team members, and electronic Medication Administration Records (MARs). Pharmacies are happy to partner with us–it is more efficient for everyone. This allows for electronic systems to improve quality of care, reduce time spent doing paperwork, allowing us more time to be on hand for residents and lowers the risk of errors. Learn more about Extended Care Pro.

Saving Libraries® Tiny Stories™ – Harvesting a Legacy

Saving Libraries® Tiny Stories™ – Harvesting a LegacyIn partnership with Saving Libraries® we are saving the memories of elder storytellers in all of our communities utilizing the Tiny Stories project. We are preserving legacies in audio and written as a priceless gift to future generations. Listen to some of our community storytellers.

Medline University

Medline UniversityEducation and growth of our care teams and leaders is core to our business. Well educated teams are an imperative to extraordinary care, customer service, leadership development, and compliance. E-learning has transformed this learning and development landscape.

We have partnered with Medline University to provide consistent training and education across our company. The benefits include consistent compliance and tracking for state-specific regulatory required training as well as compliance to federal labor laws. Compass Senior living has created curriculum for on-boarding new employees, person-centered care and more. Learn more about Medline University.

Joyful Yoga

Joyful Yoga

Compass believes elderhood is a time of learning, growth, and vibrancy. We believe that yoga can have a number of benefits for older adults–from healthy bones to flexibility to anxiety relief. Yoga is not only safe for older learners, but also effective in keeping the mind and body in good health. Yoga provides a wonderful social connection with others!

We have partnered with Joyful Yoga to develop True North Yoga–specifically for the older adult and for our care teams. Learn more about our partners at Joyful Yoga.

Insight World Wide

Partnering with Insight Worldwide gives Compass communities an opportunity to hire, train and retain the very best employees. Candidates are asked to take one of Insight Worldwide's pre-employment surveys. This allows both the employee and the employer to gain a better understanding of whether this is the right position, and company, for them. Through this simple process, turnover is reduced, employee morale is raised, and our teams are stronger.

Our Innovation Programs

All of our programs are aligned with our true north values - goodness, loyalty, faith, and fun! We believe in connecting with one another across generations and geographies to learn, engage in life together, and grow. These programs are aimed at enhancing the total well-being of all elders and preserving their legacies for generations to come.