About Compass Senior Living in Eugene

Family is Forever

Compass Senior Living communities are connected with thousands of others across America as they celebrated National Assisted Living Week® which was established by the National Center for Assisted Living in 1995. Together residents, families, staff, volunteers, and all of our surrounding communities are recognizing the importance of the role we play in coming together to care for America's elders and persons with disabilities. We are connected in our common desire to care and love those that are not blood, but family nonetheless. We are growing, learning and caring for each other across generations and, together, are building the life for elders we hope to enjoy one day as well. 

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HeatherWood Assisted Living News Features

Our community in Eau Claire, Wisconsin was featured on the local news (twice!) for the Bob's House of Dogs fundraiser they organized as a part of National Assisted Living Week. 

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Beth and Phyllis


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Preserving Legacies

Elders living in Compass communities are treasure-troves of wisdom and experience. We are working to preserve those legacies through oral histories from these valuable living "libraries". Every day we are shown what living is all about from the most experienced people on Earth! 

Hear their wisdom now
Every time an elder dies a library burns to the ground. - African proverb