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We have a great team at Regent Court Senior Living. We invite you to get to know them and come meet them in person.

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Michele Wright, Administrator

Michele Wright, Administrator

Michele grew up between Nevada and Oregon but considers Oregon to be her home since 2016. Michele received her CNA license in Reno, NV in 1999. She went back to college and received her Associates degree in Human Development and Family Studies in 2018.

Michele has been at Regent Court since April 2017. She enjoys getting to know the family members and each resident individually to create a special bond with each one of them. Michele started out as a companion, then as a Med Tech, then as Residential Care Coordinator and was promoted to Administrator for Regent Court in June of 2021.

"I have learned although no two days are ever the same. You must have compassion and empathy in understanding those with dementia. Next, you must be flexible in the event the day may change. Finally have the knowledge and understanding about the disease. Having these key components have helped me in supporting staff, family, and the resident with dementia during a very difficult time in that person's life. Those with dementia no longer have a voice. By becoming Administrator, I can be their voice and can help in advocating for their needs. I love coming to work and making a difference, even if it’s a short moment in time."

Amy Richcreek, Business Office Coordinator

Amy R., Business Office Coordinator

Amy has been living and working in Corvallis since 2011, when she was first hired at Regent Court as a caregiver. In the fall of 2017, Amy accepted the position of Receptionist for the community. In the summer of 2019, Amy became the Business Office Coordinator. She has 9 years of knowledge about the building and the residents that she cares for deeply.

Amy says, “My favorite thing about working at Regent Court is that many of us have been working here for quite some time, and that fact speaks volumes. We all have a passion for helping others.” In addition to assisting the residents and family members of Regent Court, Amy enjoys gardening, hiking, spending time with her family, and taking photographs of her travels through Oregon.

Pamela Chapman. Community Relations Director

Kyle Richcreek, Community Relations Director

Kyle has called Corvallis home since 2006 and could not see himself living anywhere else, as this area is ideal for him and his family.

With a background in property management, Kyle is looking forward to growing into the role here as Community Relations Director. He believes that his career will have a long-lasting positive impact on his life as well as others.

As for hobbies, he has spent many years building up his own workspace to perform the hobby of lapidary arts. For those that don’t know, that is the cutting/polishing of rough rocks and turning it into something beautiful. Kyle is an adaptive learner and will often look for a way to learn something new to achieve a vision that he has seen in his mind. He takes what he knows in the lapidary arts and shares the information to various social media platforms to inspire others to be creative.

Kyle says, “Nobody is truly the master of anything. We all have to have open minds and be willing to learn, because things are always subject to change.”

Patrick Garcia, Community Relations Director

Sherri Frost, Resident Care Coordinator

Sherri was first hired on as a mentor at Regent Court in January of 2019. In May of 2019, she became a med tech for the community. In September of 2021, she accepted the position of Resident Care Coordinator. Sherri has enjoyed getting to know the residents and their families for the past several years, and she enjoys making them laugh by singing off key, dancing around, and participating in spirit week.

Sherri has been happily married since 2003. She has two grown children, four adorable grandchildren, one dog, one cat and six chickens. Sherri’s favorite season is Fall and loves everything about it especially when it comes to pumpkin spice and eggnog. When Sherri is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends as well as fishing, crocheting, and canning.

Emmalee at Regent Court Senior Living

Emmalee Coombs, Life Enrichment Director

Emmalee grew up in a small town in Southern Colorado. She loved spending time with her grandmother, who also had dementia, and was very influential in her life. The time spent with her grandmother opened her eyes into the Dementia and Alzheimer’s world. She believes this was the true start to her love of helping seniors. Emmalee started as a Care Partner at Regent Court Senior Living in 2019, moved into the life enrichment department in 2020, and has now taken the role of Life Enrichment Director. She says, “The joy the residents bring to my life is unmatched. I work everyday to help them have the same joy they give me.” Emmalee is excited to grow in this position and continue loving and caring for the wonderful residents here at Regent Court.

When Emmalee is not working to bring joy into the building at Regent Court Senior Living, she enjoys hiking, painting, spending time with her friends, capturing Oregon’s many beauties in photos, and attending sporting events.

Herma Ornes, RN - Wellness Director

Herma is our facility RN who comes with vast clinical experience, including Health Services Director at a large Assisted Living/Memory Care facility prior to coming to Regent Court. She also has home health experience. Most of her experience comes from 20+ years as an ICU nurse. Herma loves to go the extra mile by doing what she can to improve the quality of life of the residents she serves.

She grew up in Europe and met her American husband and together they moved to his home state of California. Since 2002, they have called Corvallis home and have raised their three children there and now have a granddaughter as well. Herma is an avid gardener and koi keeper and loves to do projects around the house. Herma is also an accomplished photographer.

Alejandro Alvarez, Dining Services Director

Alejandro Alvarez, Dining Services Director

Alex was a Resident Aide and Medication Aide before moving to dining services—so he understands our residents very well. His first experience as a cook was at the Miramar Beach Restaurant in Half Moon Bay. Alex says, “The residents are what make my job pleasurable. When you’re having a rough day, you can always count on a resident to put a smile on your face.”