Frequently asked questions at Compass Senior Living


Why should I look into a senior community now?

If you’re still relatively healthy and active, you’ll get that much more enjoyment out of all that we have to offer. People who wait until they’re facing a health issue have fewer options and end up choosing one in stressful circumstances—which is never good. If you want to enjoy being yourself in a great community, don’t postpone the decision.

Can I afford to live in this kind of community?

Start by taking a thorough look at your current living costs. Not just your mortgage payment or rent, but everything—from utilities and groceries to seasonal maintenance and repairs. Once you’ve got that total, you can make a much more meaningful assessment of what you can afford—and the value you’ll receive in return.

Financial areas you might look into include:

  • Pensions, investments, annuities or other financial instruments.
  • Sale of a home or other assets.
  • Savings accounts.
  • Social Security benefits.
  • Supplemental Security Income.
  • Veteran’s Aid and Attendance benefits.

Some of our communities are licensed to accept Medicaid as payment for those that have depleted funds. In most cases, however, we are limited in availability for this offering and is first reserved for current residents who have depleted their funds while living in the community. However, we will be happy to reserve a position on our waiting list should a spot become available that we can open to future residents.

Don’t people in senior communities tend to age faster?

Actually, the opposite is true. Recent research has shown that older adults actually gain vitality in the right community. We have wellness professionals to guide you on everything from fitness to nutrition. You can join in a vibrant social and intellectual life, making friends who share your sense of curiosity and fun. If at some point you do need a bit more care, you’re not on your own worrying about the consequences.

With some expert guidance from people you know well, you can adjust your lifestyle just enough to get the support you need while preserving your independence.

What if I or my loved one develop memory loss? Can I still live in independent or assisted living?

Some memory loss is natural and expected as we age, and often we can continue to meet the needs of you or your loved one in independent and assisted living environments. If the memory loss begins to impact yours or other residents’ safety, we recommend a transfer to a secured memory care environment. Some of our locations offer memory care on the same campus, easing the transition.

We have a higher staffing ratio in the memory care neighborhoods— providing more one-on-one support for each person. Each memory care is secured which allows the freedom to walk outside without the risk of getting lost.

How easily will I fit in and make friends?

It’s a natural concern, and many people share it—until they visit one of our communities and feel the warmth and welcome. We offer all kinds of programs and activities that make it easier to connect with people who share your interests. If you pay us a visit, you’ll see for yourself that there’s a natural, friendly spirit to our communities that erases barriers and discourages cliques while also respecting that everyone has a need for some quiet, private time.

Do you provide any transportation?

While many residents keep cars, we offer free scheduled transportation service (in most locations) to a number of convenient destinations in the surrounding area. You can also arrange custom transportation by appointment. Some residents also choose to use a car service or senior transport service, which we can help arrange for you.

Do you allow pets?

Yes, dogs and cats are welcome in our communities! Naturally there are some restrictions—talk to the Administrator or Executive Director and get all the details.

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