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Our Innovation Partners & Programs

We at Compass Senior Living value:

  • Simple streamlined processes.
  • Bright ideas from anyone willing to share them.
  • And, relationships and collaboration with investors, vendors, team members, residents, and families.

We look for both fun and humor in our daily work–allowing ourselves to be adaptable to the changes in senior housing. We function best when we can be ourselves, encouraging people to think creatively and with innovation. We are collaborating with like-minded companies to make the world of elder care a better place.

Many of the ideas and collaboration to create extraordinary programming has come from the care teams in our communities. Explore some of the programs developed in partnership with our care team members.

Compass Senior Living


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Our Innovation Partners

Our Innovation Programs

All of our programs are aligned with our true north values - goodness, loyalty, faith, and fun! We believe in connecting with one another across generations and geographies to learn, engage in life together, and grow. These programs are aimed at enhancing the total well-being of all elders and preserving their legacies for generations to come.