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Our Team

Cathe Davis, Executive Director at Majestic Rim Retirement Living

Cathe Davis, Executive Director

Majestic Rim is more than just a job, it is an EXPERIENCE!

Working with such a dynamic staff is a rare privilege. There is not a day that goes by where Cathe doesn’t witness an act of kindness or moment of affection from a team member to a resident or to a fellow employee. It is an uplifting experience. Their level of commitment and pride in what they do is impressive and they truly make a difference.

Working for such an amazing group of residents and their families is the most rewarding part of her job, she says. Each and every one of them has become an extension of her family. They are why she comes to work every day. Cathe looks forward to spending time with them, to hear them laugh or see their radiant smile and is grateful for the times when she can be that arm they lean on. It gives her an incredible sense of fulfillment to know that she can make a difference.

It’s not just a job or an experience, it is a blessing.

Cris Royer, Community Relations Director at Majestic Rim Retirement Living

Cristine Royer, Community Relations Director

I absolutely love meeting people for the first time and sharing the culture of Majestic Rim.  The emotional connection is contagious and you get a sense of family, openness, excitement, care and friendship.  There is a genuine feeling here at Majestic Rim and it is like being home with family.  There is never a day I don’t get inspired by our residents with their gracious comments and personal stories.  They teach me about life, what’s important and what’s not, to take time for the little things and share your love with others.  What else can I say, from our residents, doggies, kitties, family members, staff and guests ~ that’s who we are, One Big Happy Family at Majestic Rim.

Jeannie Price-White, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Jeannie Price-White, Resident Services Coordinator

Jeannie has worked for Majestic Rim since it opened back in June 2006. She has met and worked with a variety of amazing residents. The many great experiences she has had is what keeps her here.

I enjoy working at Majestic Rim because it’s like working in a family atmosphere.  There are so many residents that have made an impact on my life over the 10+ years I’ve been here.  I lost my mother at such a young age, that working with the residents here at Majestic Rim has filled a void in my life.

Mark Kerr, Maintenance Director at Majestic Rim Retirement Living

Mark Kerr, Maintenance Director

I enjoy all the residents and their uplifting spirits.  They all know me as the “fix-it guy” and that’s fine with me.  Each one is kind, considerate and always give me a big hug for the work I do.  There may not be a perfect story of a particular moment, but they make a loving impact on me every day; they always know how to cheer you up and bring a smile to your face and fill your heart with kindness!

Kathy Bickert, Chef at Majestic Rim Retirement Living

Kathy Bickert, Chef

There is not a memory in my life that I don’t recall serving food.  Sharing a meal is the very essence of my soul and I love the conversations and reactions when we serve a meal at Majestic Rim.  There is an occasion to celebrate every day and I love offering those home cooked meals residents grew up with.  The aroma looming in the kitchen is always a conversation starter with residents and to see their reactions as they recount the stories of their family gatherings brings me joy every day and I’m blessed to know that we have such a close family community where we can continue those traditions.