The team at Honeysuckle Senior Living in Hayden, Idaho

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Melissa Wolbert at Honeysuckle Senior Living in Hayden, Idaho

Melissa Wolbert - Administrator / RN

We are happy to announce that Melissa is our new Administrator Her background consists of office management to running small business and now leading the nursing care team. She has gained valuable life experience over the years and appreciates what everyone can bring to the table, recognizing strengths and building upon them.

Melissa was born and raised in Northern California, later moving to Eau Claire, Wisconsin where she obtained her RN degree. Her husband and her four children settled into Idaho in 2018. When Melissa is not working, you will find her at frequent Volleyball tournaments supporting her daughter, on the soccer or baseball field supporting her son or camping enjoying the fresh air and campfire with her family.

Melissa has a passion for finding the solution to roadblocks and assisting others along the way to unlock their own potentials. She is focused on improving whatever she comes across and leading her team to have a positive mindset where anything is possible. She values her time with senior citizens and appreciates the life they are living and the stories they share.

Stefany at  Honeysuckle Senior Living in Hayden, Idaho

Stefany Silva Escobedo - Business Services Director

Stefany was born and raised in Peru where she received her bachelor’s degree in management and tourism. She has always had a passion for serving and helping others which led to many years of work in the hospitality industry before moving to the United States where she continued her career as a Front Desk Lead.

Now in North Idaho Stefany enjoys spending time with her husband, family, two furry babies and using free time decorating cakes. Stefany enjoys working at Honeysuckle Senior Living where she feels a great satisfaction in helping elders feeling cared for and appreciated. 

Lori Tolleson at Honeysuckle Senior Living in Hayden, Idaho

Lori Tolleson - Community Relations Director

Lori has a solid foundation here at Honeysuckle Senior Living. She was brand new to Senior Living and found herself as a caregiver to med tech, she was then promoted to Lead Med Tech to Administrative Assistant to her current position of Community Relations Director. Lori wears many hats in our building and has a phenomenal relationship with her peers, residents and their families. 

When Lori is not at the community, she can be found spending time with her wonderful boys at the lake, cruising in her Jeep or enjoying quiet time. Lori is a pillar at our community and is respected by all!

Picture of Kirk at Honeysuckle Senior Living in Hayden, Idaho

Kirk Allender - Maintenance Director

Kirk grew up in California, he has a great son who works for Apple Inc. Kirk’s father was a pilot and he thought maybe he would follow suit one day, but he knew that deep down he had a passion for the medical field. Kirk worked as a surgery attendant at Peninsula Hospital in Burlingame, California where one of his greatest experiences was assisting the float nurse in the open-heart surgical room.

Kirk has lived in Hayden for over 20 years and enjoys many of the recreational opportunities that North Idaho has to offer. He spends much of his time with his girlfriend, hiking remote areas, walking his dogs along the lake, and playing tennis. Kirk has worked for Honeysuckle Senior Living since 2013; he’s worked for other facilities but says Honeysuckle beats them all!