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Embracing Elderhood: Planning for the Next Adventure

If you are entering elderhood as a vibrant, active person, Maple Ridge may be the place for you!

These days, many people are healthy and active into their 80s, 90s and beyond. They are smart and wise about a lot of things including planning for their own future. As savvy realists, they recognize that as we age, it is important to be in a supportive community with other like-minded people.

Many independent seniors may decide to join us at Maple Ridge because they want to enjoy the benefits of living in a social community. You’ll enjoy the opportunities of a social environment while staying independent of care as long as you like or are able. If or when you might need some assistance, you have a support system and care team at the ready that already know you, your preferences, and your personality—and you know them!

Maple Ridge Senior Living

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Residents out for a hike near Maple Ridge Senior Living in Ashland, Oregon.

Expand Horizons

At Maple Ridge Senior Living, be prepared to open your heart, expand your mind, liberate your soul and deepen your life's journey—all in a supportive community.

Opportunities abound to expand horizons, learn or try something you have never done before. Want to spend time in nature with a stroll in beautiful Litha park?  Or perhaps you want to expand your mind at Southern Oregon University, right down the street at The Osher Life Long Learning Institute.

At the Lifelong Learning Institute volunteer instructors, share their expertise and passions in courses spanning such diverse topics as art, hiking, history, investments, landscaping, music, political science, science, travel, theatre, and writing.

Since there are no tests, papers or grades, and the classroom environment is casual and relaxed, classes are fun for both students and instructors.

It’s all right here at Maple Ridge!

Your Community Living Experience

  • Daily exercise and strength training classes
  • Legacy collection – Tiny Stories™ project
  • Aromatherapy
  • Music therapy
  • Computer or tablet instruction including email, Skype®, Facebook®, YouTube®, and more
  • Social engagement with friends
  • Crafts, art, and other creative endeavors
  • Musical performances
  • Educational seminars
  • Bus outings and trips for shopping, excursions and recreational events
  • Wellness programs and consultation
  • Scheduled local transportation including doctor appointments
A resident and her grandchild at Maple Ridge Senior Living in Ashland, Oregon.

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