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Our Team

We have a great team at Shorewood Senior Living. We invite you to get to know them and come meet them in person.

Beth Webb at Shorewood Senior Living

Bethany Webb, Executive Director

Bethany loves meeting new people, developing new relationships, and learning about new cultures and towns. She has an adventurous spirit and, because of this, has moved around quite a bit. Bethany had the opportunity to live and work in Washington, Hawaii, Montana, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and now Oregon. Each morning, she wakes up ready to take on the day and create moments of joy. She absolutely loves working with seniors. They all have something unique to offer. Getting to know them and forming friendships is the most enjoyable part of her job. When asked about working at Shorewood, Bethany says “Shorewood has been a place for people to create a new home and family. If you work here or live here you feel like you are a part of a special group of people that watch out and care for you.”

Susan Burkhart

Susan Burkhart, Business Services Director

“What is my passion?  Serving the people at Shorewood Senior Living,” says Susan.  Susan has been a part of this community since 1994.  She is thrilled to work for the new owners as of July 2016.  “Who wouldn’t like to work for a company with the motto Guided by goodness, loyalty, faith and fun?”  Shorewood has been a major part of Susan’s family.   Her husband retired after 16 years as Kitchen Director.  They raised four children during that time--three of them learned to work at Shorewood.  Shorewood has been a major part of baby showers, graduations, weddings, and more babies for her family.  Susan has enjoyed sharing her life with the elders and being a part of their lives.  As Business Services Director, she will continue to serve and make a positive difference in the lives of the Shorewood family. 

Laura Allard, Life Enrichment Coordinator at Shorewood Senior Living

Horst Jahn, Executive Chef

Horst’s passion for cooking came out at age 14 by cooking and baking with his grandmother. After a three-year apprenticeship and numerous cook/chef jobs throughout Germany, he finished his career path in Europe with the Master Chef exam in February 1998.

Ameristar Casino in Council Bluff, Iowa was his stepping stone to move to the United States at age 32.  A job offer as Specialty Room Chef for Belterra Casino’s grand opening in 2000 brought him to another Florence--Florence, Indiana. Working with some of the finest chefs and achieving the Assistant Executive Chef position became the highlight of his time in Indiana. Finally, fulfilling his lifelong dream to live by the ocean became a reality in February 2016 when he moved to Florence, Oregon. A tour along the West Coast revealed Florence’s beauty and character.

Horst says “my very own grandmother was totally against senior living communities until she had to be there for two weeks. At the end of two weeks she didn’t want to leave. The food changed her mind. With that said, it is an honor to serve our seniors and make them feel at home.” Horst also enjoys other favorites such as hiking, biking and watersports. He found the place for all that here in Florence. 

Sharon Gelmstadt

Niki Hill, Community Relations Director

Niki has been in the senior living profession since 1998. As she put it, "it is a world that I love". There are not many jobs where, when it is time to go home you feel like you want to stay longer, she says. She is excited about being at Shorewood. Her hope is to give all who live and work at Shorewood a person to count on and to be ready with a hug or smile. Niki worked for Springfield High School for three years teaching choreography. She choreographed ten plays for the high school and local drama groups. As a hobby, she writes children’s books and has three books published.

Niki is originally from Billings, Montana. She is married to Lance, and together, they have two daughters and a late son and four grandchildren and two great-granddaughters. Besides family, the most important thing to Niki is her faith. She was an only child whose father was a military man and she learned that rules and regulations made life smoother when adhered to. She still believes it makes life easier to this day.

Ronnie Davis

Ronnie Davis, Maintenance Director

Ronnie is the guy to turn to when you need something fixed or something heavy to move! Ronnie works hard all day making sure the residents are well taken care of. He loves working at Shorewood because of the great team of people there. He is a big contributor to the success of Shorewood and happiness of those that enter the building. Ronnie has lived in Florence since 2007 and his favorite hobby is restoring classic cars. He is married and has four children.

Vanessa Uhrig, Life Enrichment Director

Vanessa Uhrig, Life Enrichment Director

Vanessa is a "farm girl", born and raised in Canby, Oregon. She had a strong bond with her grandparents who taught strong work ethics, morals and the value of honesty. They provided her with love and respect for her elders from an early age. Her grandmother encouraged her artistic and creative side resulting in a passion for cooking, painting, quilt making, crocheting, drawing, crafts of all kinds and a closet full of "bits and bobs" that will be used someday. Prior to coming to Shorewood, she was a cook at an assisted living community.Vanessa moved to Florence last fall and is enjoying everything it has to offer. 

Vanessa loves nature and all animals. She currently has two dogs and four cats, all rescued from the humane society. Vanessa is the proud mom of one daughter, Emily, who is, not only her best friend, but also a scientist with a Ph.D. in Zoology. When she isn't at work, Vanessa can be found busy outside in the flower beds or making something crafty. She is happy to be at Shorewood to share laughter, build friendships, and make a difference in the lives of the residents.