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The Wyndemere Assisted Living Lifestyle

You will have an opportunity to make your contribution to our family, which makes the memory care at Wyndemere Assisted Living the distinctive place that it is – it is people that make a community. We recognize that people make all the difference. Treating people well – with respect, trust, care, and good humor – can be quite contagious.

Wyndemere Assisted Living is a place of vibrancy and life - promoting meaning and joy in the lives of residents, families, and our team members of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Elders inspire us, motivate us, guide, and direct us. As we work to create an empowering, caring, growing culture for elders, we are also creating our own future. After all, we are all elders-in-waiting.

We invite ideas and suggestions from residents, families, and team members for making life at Wyndemere Assisted Living more pleasant, interesting, or fulfilling. We are continually striving for excellence, and we want to hear from you. It is our goal that Wyndemere Assisted Living remains a caring community where our value for community can develop and flourish.

Wyndemere Assisted Living


3001 Riverside Drive Green Bay, WI 54301

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