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Memory Care

Sunnyside at Lassen House is a specially designed neighborhood to serve the unique needs of individuals living with Alzheimer's disease, dementia and other forms of memory loss.

Every day we make it a goal to go above and beyond to enrich the lives of our residents. With a person-centered elder-directed model inspired by the Eden Alternative, Teepa Snow, and Naomi Feil, we create an empathetic, inclusive and kind environment that affords each individual maximum self-expression. Our care teams and our nurses are committed to delivering extraordinary care that meets the resident's physical, cognitive, social, spiritual and emotional needs.


Lassen House Senior Living

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Our Programs

Our talented and dedicated care team is there when you need them. It can be different…let us show you how. Our team members are educated in dementia-specific training. Using empathetic communication and validation techniques, they support each person as an individual – whole and capable of love, laughter and engagement in a meaningful and worthwhile way. 

Sunnyside at Lassen House has a family-like atmosphere where it is particularly important to maintain connections with one another, families, and to their own identity.

A resident holding hands with a team member at Lassen House Senior Living in Red Bluff, California.
A resident couple dancing at Lassen House Senior Living in Red Bluff, California.

Memory Care Benefits

Benefits of a Red Bluff, California community-based memory care setting include:

  • Empathetic communication approaches to maintain self-esteem, and to attend to the basic human needs of each individual.
  • Special attention is paid to nutrition, physical, social, and cognitive stimulation.
  • The Circle of Friends(™) includes music, conversation, movement, and food. This ritual gives a sense of family and validation.
  • Music Makes Memories(™) program stimulates the limbic brain, and helps each person maintain a sense of self and purpose and well-being.
  • Tiny Stories™ allows us to record the stories we hear each day and capture them in audio recordings. The legacy of each person is maintained. 
  • #Gen2000(™) is an intergenerational program where teens and care team members facilitate a connection with family and memories through technology.

For more detail on our programming, see our True North Programs.

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