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Independent Living: Plan for the Third Chapter

These days, 60 – or even 70 – is the new 40, with some individuals remaining active and healthy into their 80s, 90s and beyond. Many of today’s elders are looking to communities like Maple Ridge Senior Living as a place where they can make plans for their future and build a foundation in a supportive community with other like-minded people.

“We like to consider independent living as the third, great chapter in your life,” says Amanda Randolph, Administrator at Maple Ridge Senior Living. While some elders may think they’re too young to move into a community, Amanda says that being in the prime of life is exactly the right time to do just that. “Entering elderhood as a vibrant, active person is the best way to go, because you have all the resources available to build a foundation of caring,” she says. “You also have the support you need that allows you to chase your dreams now and in the future.”

One of the biggest benefits that independent seniors have when they join Maple Ridge Senior Living is that we take a lot of work off their plate, specifically, home maintenance and other home-related chores. Our independent living apartments and cottages provide a wide variety of floor plans that help you find the perfect balance of lifestyle and budget.

“We want you to make our community your own, and we have options that work well for single or married residents,” says Amanda. “Our senior-friendly interior design is set up so that you can enjoy your active, independent lifestyle now while having the security of aging in place in your own home.”

Another reason independent seniors choose to join a community like Maple Ridge Senior Living is because they want to enjoy the benefits of being connected to others in a place where there is a common desire to grow and learn and make a difference.

“We have a vibrant social environment that encourages independence and autonomy for as long as you like or are able,” Amanda says. “Today, that means you have a maintenance-free lifestyle that leaves you time to pursue all the activities, events and adventures you’d like, while also meeting other like-minded people who are ready to embrace this stage of life. Tomorrow, it means that if or when you might need some assistance, you have a support system and team at the ready that already knows you, your preferences, and your personality … and you know them.”

An Enriching Life and Enjoyable Lifestyle

At Maple Ridge Senior Living, we believe that elderhood is the crescendo of a lifetime. We have created an environment that supports a person-centered, elder-directed environment, where we encourage each person to be their very best self.

For independent seniors, this means a lifestyle where you’re encouraged to open your heart, expand your mind, liberate your soul and deepen your life's journey. Opportunities abound to expand horizons and try something you have never done before. Want to spend time in nature with a stroll in beautiful Lithia park? Or would you rather expand your mind taking courses at Southern Oregon University with The Osher Life Long Learning Institute?

Living the life you want is easy when you say goodbye to and home-related expenses and say hello to a community that is designed for your needs. Every need is taken care of – maintenance, assistance and entertainment is just a phone call away (or right outside your front door). That leaves you all the time in the world to explore your dreams, expand your life, meet new friends and try new things.

And have we mentioned dining? Why spend your time cooking for yourself when you could be enjoying chef-prepared dishes at each and every meal? Dining at Maple Ridge Senior Living is a hallmark of our commitment quality, and we’re proud to tickle our residents' taste buds with homemade meals that are filled with fresh, delicious local flavor. We believe there is nothing more important than gathering around the table with friends and family, feeding our bodies and our souls.

Because there’s so much time for you to pursue your passions, we are proud to offer the True North Programs designed by our parent company, Compass Senior Living. These programs encourage the power of community and family connections, growth opportunities, cognitive exercise, and the healing power of multisensory stimulation. Our True North Programs are designed with these goals in mind.

Ever wanted to learn a new skill or share your knowledge? The Lifelong Learning Institute provides opportunities for volunteer instructors to share their expertise and passions in courses spanning such diverse topics as art, hiking, history, investments, landscaping, music, political science, science, travel, theatre, and writing. And, of course, it’s a great opportunity for those interested in those topics to learn all about them – and because there are no tests, papers or grades, and the classroom environment is casual and relaxed, classes are fun for both students and instructors.

“Everything you need to live a vibrant, active and independent lifestyle is here at Maple Ridge Senior Living,” says Amanda. “Maybe you’re getting ready to retire, or you’ve already retired and are wondering what the next chapter of life holds for you. If you’re looking for a community and a lifestyle where you’re free to pursue your dreams and make your elder years the most rewarding and fulfilling time of your life, Maple Ridge Senior Living is the place for you.”

Guided by Goodness, Loyalty, Faith, and Fun.

Maple Ridge Senior Living is a place of vibrancy and life – promoting meaning and joy in the lives of residents, families, and our team members. Elders inspire us, motivate us, guide and direct us. As we work to create an empowering, caring, growing culture for elders, we are also creating our own future. After all, we are all elders-in-waiting!

Offering independent living, assisted living and short-term stays, Maple Ridge Senior Living is nestled at the convergence of the Cascade and the Siskiyou Mountain Ranges in Southern Oregon. Our spacious and bright building boasts beautiful valley views surrounded by nature and wildlife while still conveniently close to the center of town. Walk or take a short ride to Lithia Park, the Shakespeare Festival Theatres or Ashland’s downtown plaza for shopping, art galleries, dining and entertainment.

We invite you to schedule a tour and learn more about the services, amenities, care and lifestyle available at Maple Ridge Senior Living. Please call us at 541-238-2070 to schedule your personal tour today.

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