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Memory Care

Our Summit Place Neighborhood was designed for residents with memory challenges. In this neighborhood an emphasis is placed on “living each day”. Summit Place residents are encouraged to live in the moment and engage in appropriate activities that are designed to enhance the quality of their lives.

Summit Place offers our residents an all-inclusive model of care which addresses the areas where they may require additional support. Each resident is celebrated as an individual and made to feel a sense of security and restfulness that they are being lovingly cared for.

Our care is seen in the details at Summit Place, where our resident’s difficulties and challenges with daily tasks are never pointed out, but rather quietly supported with dignity and the utmost respect.

Memory care team members undergo dementia-specific training when learning how to provide assistance services while embracing the person as a whole human being who is continuing to live an engaging, meaningful, and joyful life.

The Pointe at Summit Hills

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Our Programs

Our person-centered programs include empathetic communication techniques to maintain self-esteem, and to attend to the basic human needs of each individual. In addition, special attention is paid to nutrition, physical, social, and cognitive stimulation. Our Music Makes Memories program stimulates the limbic brain, and helps each person maintain a sense of self and purpose.

Our Tiny Stories project allows us to record the stories we hear each day and capture them in audio recordings. The legacy of each person is maintained. Our goal is to help each individual be the best they can be despite cognitive decline while slowing the progression of impairments.

Want to learn how to communicate with your loved one using empathetic communication? Join us in one of our educational workshops!

A resident holding hands with a team member at The Pointe at Summit Hills in Bakersfield, California.
A resident couple dancing at The Pointe at Summit Hills in Bakersfield, California.

Memory Care Benefits

Benefits of a Bakersfield, California community-based memory care setting include:

  • Secured entry to minimize risk of wandering
  • Regular human interaction and programs to engage the memory-challenged individual in daily life, minimizing withdrawal
  • Nutrition, exercise, social stimulation, and support
  • Elder well-being monitoring and communication with family and health care providers
  • Freedom from caring for a loved one’s daily needs, so families can focus on spending quality and joyful times with the individual
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