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We have a great team at Absaroka Senior Living! Stop and visit us! We would love to meet you!

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Picture of Kalli Jo Oberosler at Absaroka Senior Living in Cody, Wyoming

Kalli Jo Oberosler, Administrator

Being born in colorful Colorado gave Kalli a love of the mountains, so it is no wonder that Cody, Wyoming drew her in from first sight. With Heart Mountain in view, she always knew that she was home.

Working in the Grocery business for most of her years in management, Kalli went from Billings, MT to Taos, NM. Coming into the Care business was a surprise. This opportunity chose her at just the right time. Kalli began in the business office and found that this was more than a paperwork job. She fell in love. Being an only child, Kalli spent most of her time with her parents and grandparents and it was natural to want spend time with these wonderful people.

Kalli says, “My goal is to make these years for my residents the best they can be. My biggest joys are spending time in the outdoors. I enjoy spending time at home tending my garden and yard work planting flowers and landscaping. Hiking camping, bow hunting, and snow shoeing is at the top of my list. My best friend and companion in all things I do, is my dog Zofi and respectfully named after my Grandma Zofi.

Photo of Pia Brauser at  Absaroka Senior Living in Cody, Wyoming

Pia Brauser, Community Relations Director

Captured by the magic and beauty of the Greater Yellowstone Area, Pia moved to Wapiti, WY in 2015. She left a 30-year career with Zale Corporation in Dallas, TX to pursue a new adventure. While serving as the Sr. Executive Director at Zale, she oversaw the presentation of 2000-plus jewelry stores, raised two beautiful children, enjoyed an active lifestyle, and managed to squeeze in getting her Master’s in Liberal Art at Southern Methodist University. Pia traveled extensively during this time; her travel also took her to Yellowstone and that’s when she had a paradigm shift.

When she also discovered Absaroka, Pia jumped at the chance to serve this amazing generation. She values their lives and considers this journey a blessing every day. Pia is full of energy and enthusiasm. She loves serving families all over the Big Horn Basin, embracing our mission statement: “Guided by Goodness, Loyalty, Faith and Fun”!

Pia and her family enjoy many hobbies together; hiking, fishing, downhill skiing, golf, music, reading and art. She and her husband, cherish making memories with their two married children, and 6 beautiful grandchildren!

Photo of Rebecca Deal at Absaroka Senior Living in Cody, Wyoming

Rebecca Deal, Business Services Director

Rebecca grew up in Montana. She married her husband in 2002. They have three children and two grandchildren. They have lived in Cody, Wyoming for about seventeen years. Rebecca started at Livingston Elementary School as a Para Educator, working with children with special needs for eight years.

In 2019, Rebecca was introduced to Seniors in assisted living. She says, “I had to be at the elementary school to appreciate the residents at Absaroka,” where she is blessed with great joy being a part of their lives.

Her hobbies include spending time with family and friends, gardening, traveling, dressing up in costumes for different holidays, reading, and sharing Jesus & joy with everyone around her. Her passion is serving the residents, and serving the inmates through Homeward Bound, a prison ministry she has been involved with for over twenty years.

Rebecca is a good leader who is compassionate, honest, kind, genuine, fun, & loving. She looks for the good in everyone, and always has a smile on her face, and in her heart. Her joy is contagious!

Picture of Rodney at Absaroka Senior Living in Cody, Wyoming

Rodney Van Pelt, Dining Services Director

Rodney has been cooking for over 40 years in different settings. From diners to the 5-star restaurants to catering gatherings of up to 500 people. He found his way to senior living in 2011 and found his passion in it right away. With his parents retired 2300 miles away he found it fulfilling working with seniors and taking care of his “surrogate “parents.

Rodney enjoys planning nutritious, fun, and tasty menus for his residents. When he is not working, he enjoys spending the day in Yellowstone National Park with his wife and camera or Skyping his grandson Ben. Rodney has supplied our community with many framed wildlife photographs to enjoy. He also volunteers in the community and supports the community blood drive.

Picture of Lisa Sanstead at Absaroka Senior Living in Cody, Wyoming

Lisa Sanstead, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Lisa came to Wyoming in 1987 from Arizona. While in Arizona, she played tennis for her high school, Coronado. This gave her scholarships to Scottsdale Community College and to the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

After her tennis days then came Wyoming where she raised her three children. She has one granddaughter and hopes for more! While raising her children she worked with FedEx for twenty-six years. After FedEx, she found her passion in senior care and likes to believe that she has many grandparents now. She has been in this field since 2018 as the Life Enrichment Coordinator. The friends and memories she made has filled her heart with joy!

When she is not at work, she spends her time training and riding horses. Her latest project is a horse she saved who has never been touched by a human until Lisa rescued her. Her relaxing time is spent with her dog, Muttlee, her two cats, Sam and Felix. “Maybe I should also mention the man in my life, Dennis, of thirty years. After being in this line of work, I look forward to growing old with him.”

A photo of Paul Cannizzaro at Absaroka Senior Living

Paul Cannizzaro, Maintenance Director

Paul Cannizzaro is the maintenance director for Absaroka Senior Living in Cody Wyoming. Paul was born and raised in California and has been married to his wife since 2000. They both adopted two young boys and moved to Wyoming in 2012. Paul has spent most of his life doing what he loves to do: building and repairing all sorts of things and helping others. It was his childhood dream to become a firefighter and help others, so he became a member of a 100% volunteer fire department for 20 years putting out fires and helping others in all kinds of situations. Paul has now found his place to continue his love of fixing things and helping others in need.

During Paul’s free time, he loves to weld as a hobby. He welds horseshoes into creative figures for residents and staff. He has designed golfers, pumpkins, Christmas trees, angels and always has a surprise up his sleeve!

Picture of Twila Kencke at Absaroka Senior Living in Cody, Wyoming

Twila Kencke, Salon Beautician

Cody gal Twila Kencke has taken over Absaroka's beauty salon to provide services to our residents. Born Twila Moerike, she married Ron Kencke in Cody in 1967. After following Ron in his military career, raising two children and settling with Ron in Texas, Twila attended cosmetology school. Since then, she has worked in many salons, including two in nursing homes and one in an assisted living community.

Twila and Ron moved back "home" to Cody in June 2009. She realized she missed the assisted living environment and knew our salon was where she wanted to be.

Twila, we're glad to have you in our salon, too!